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Average investment


Loans are less than 6 months

Latest Track Record

Lowest and Highest Rate (Per Annum) Weighted Average Rate (Per Annum) Loans which are past 30 days but less than 90 days Loans which are past 90 days
2017 12% to 24% 14.44% 0% 0%
2018 3.5% to 24% 7.53%* 0.59% 0.68%
2018 3.5% to 24% 12.95%** 0.59% 0.68%
2019 3.65% to 24% 6.26%* 0.32% 1.73%
2019 3.65% to 24% 8.73%** 0.32% 1.73%
Updated as at 31 December 2019
* Weighted average interest rate trended lower in 2019 as the investment portfolio reflected better quality offerings as half of our offerings (by volume) are 100% insured by a highly rated insurance company.
** Assuming an investor made an investment of S$1,000 in each Funding Request in 2018 or 2019, this is the net return (after fees) on capital deployed.

How are the figures computed?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore requires holders of the Capital Market Services (CMS) Licence to publish their historical performance on securities.
Rate of Return (Per Annum) is computed as interest payments, late interests less fees and charges divided by the loan amount and expressed as a percentage. This excludes any defaulted loans during the applicable year.

Weighted Average (Per Annum) : Weighted Average Rate of Return is the percentage of the sum of all interests (per annum) less fees and charges for all loans (excluding interest payments for defaulted loans) divided by the total amount of loans disbursed during the year. This exclude the amounts disbursed for defaulted loans during the applicable year.

Non-Performing Loan Rate is computed as the ratio of loans (principal + interest) that are at least 30 days past due over the total outstanding loans facilitated on the platform during the year (including outstanding amounts of defaulted loans) as at the applicable year end.
Contractually, a defaulted loan refers to a loan which is 90 days past due or in a default based on contractual terms, whichever is the earlier date.

Note to Investors:
1. Past Performance is not an indicator to future returns, your capital is at risk when lending to businesses.
2. As you are lending to your own selected portfolio, your actual net return may be higher or lower than the returns shown above.
3. The calculations are for investors’ information and Minterest is not liable for any errors or omissions in the calculations above.
4. Please read our Platform terms and conditions carefully before using and investing on our platform.