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QianNow is the Group's consumer financing arm. Using technology and proprietary credit scoring algorithm, we deliver bespoke and unique financing costs to each individual borrower. Our belief is that each individual should pay his or her own financing cost.

Interest rate starts from as low as 0.55% per month or less than 36 cents a day*.

About QianNow

We aim to empower our customers with confidence, knowledge and opportunities to take charge of their financing needs. As an impetus in undertaking a new venture or addressing a personal situation with peace of mind through properly priced financing. And be a catalyst to bring their future to the present, be it resolving a temporary financial difficulty, taking advantage of opportunities or enriching one’s life.

Using big data and artificial intelligence, each borrower will be assessed on his or her unique set of information and will pay a price that is appropriate to his or her credit risk. Goodbye to subsidsing other borrowers through a one-size fits all model of pricing.

This will lower cost of financing to our customers.

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QianNow is a licensed moneylender that is regulated by the Registrar of Moneylenders of the Ministry of Law.

We commence our consumer lending business from 1 June 2019. For any enquiries, please email us at [email protected]

* Based on a loan of S$2,000 for a tenor of 12 months, subject to credit scoring and assessment but does not include processing fees.