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How It works for Investors and Borrowers

New to marketplace lending, thinking of raising funds through investors but not sure where to begin? Read on to find out more!

Sign up and fund your wallet

Creating your Minterest account is as simple as ABC. Sign up online, complete our verification process and join our members-only community. From here, you can access well-structured loans curated by our team of seasoned loan experts. Fund your personalised e-wallet and start investing. You can ask us any questions you like about investment opportunities or get to know us better by visiting the About Us or Blog page.

Invest, diversify and earn

Invest in loans in the knowledge that they have been carefully assessed using our stringent risk assessment criteria, where cash flow is paramount. We prefer loans that are supported by identifiable cash flows as we believe that prompt repayment is more important than high interest rates. A wide variety of lower-risk investments with still attractive interest rates are what we aim to deliver to our investors. Diversification is important to maintain a sustainable investment portfolio.

Sign up and submit loan application

Signing up with Minterest is quick and easy. Create a client account in a matter of minutes and continue to submit your loan application online. This will short-circuit the process so you can receive your funds quicker. Our application form is very straightforward - you can submit as much information as you want in the first instance or just a few important ones and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Access our structuring capabilities and raise funds

At Minterest, we believe that no two businesses are alike. We will carefully analyse your business requirements and offer customised solutions. Why pay more interest than you need to? Our aim is to assist you in getting the best financing solution that enables you to achieve the best outcome for your business. Once your loan application has been approved, it will be posted and made available to our pool of investors. You will receive funds once your loan has been fully funded or at a specific date of your choosing that meets your cash flow requirements.