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To empower investors and businesses and deliver on their financial goals via customised solutions and fintech.

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Who is Minterest?

Minterest Private Limited (“Minterest”) is a digital platform that aims to provide a fresh perspective to the way people look at marketplace funding by bringing borrowers and investors together through customised processes and relevant solutions to help them achieve their financial goals. Our mission is to empower and deliver on objectives of everyday investors and businesses through customised processes using fintech solutions.

At Minterest, we believe that the financing gap for SMEs and start-ups are holding back their ability to make a meaningful contribution to the economy’s growth. Businesses have been constantly limited by stringent credit, compliance and high-cost structure, as well as a lack of support from conventional finance-providers. As experienced ex-bankers, without the shackles of a high-cost structure, we believe we can facilitate businesses in getting the support they need and make a positive change. By doing so, we will be able to deliver quality and well-considered investment opportunities for investors that invest through our platform.

To this end, our vision is to create a sustainable ecosystem where everyday investors and businesses build long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial through collaborations and fintech innovations. As a leading marketplace funding platform, Minterest will leverage on a broad spectrum of innovative platform technology to provide the most efficient and effective financing and investment experience for businesses and investors. 

How does marketplace funding work?

Is Minterest regulated?

Who can access the platform?

Why can’t I view live deals on the website?

What are the different categories of loans?

Why do I need to submit personal documents when I sign up to open an account?

What are the terms and conditions when investing or raising financing using Minterest?

Do you rate the Funding Requests and, if yes, how?

Does Minterest do invoice financing?

How do I sign up as a member?

Please click here to sign up.

Simply register, indicate that you are signing up as an investor. When sign-up is confirmed, complete either the knowledge/experience or the suitability questionnaire and submit your identification documents. Once approved, you will have access to the platform to view live deals. Transfer a minimum of $1,000 to the escrow account (account details provided on the platform) to commence your investment journey.

Are my details kept private?

What steps do you take to protect the investors?

Are there any fees payable by me?

How do I fund my Platform Account?

How do I make an offer for a Funding Request?

How is the contract signing done?

Can I contact the borrower?

What is an escrow agent?

Is my money safe?

How do I withdraw money from my Platform Account?

Will I earn interest on the money placed with Minterest?

Is there a minimum investment amount?

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

Would my return on investment be taxable?

How safe are the investments?

Can I make offer for multiple Funding Requests at the same time?

Why am I encouraged to diversify my investments?

Can I cancel my offer to participate in a Funding Request?

What happens to my money when a Funding Request is unsuccessful?

What happens when there is a late payment by a borrower?

What happens when a borrower defaults on a loan?

Can I take legal action against a borrower when there is a default?

Would investing in Loan Requests contravene the Moneylenders Act?

What happens if Minterest ceases operations or goes bankrupt?

Can I register as a borrower and an investor at the same time using the same account?

What is invoice financing and how does it work?

Is there an auto invest facility?

How do I sign up as a client?

Please click here to sign up.

Simply register, indicate that you are signing up as a borrower and provide the required information to open a Client Account. Once opened, you can use the account to create Funding Requests for posting on our platform, subject to credit analysis and approval.

Is my company qualified to apply for a loan on Minterest?

What documents do I need to submit for a loan or invoice financing application?

What can I expect after submitting all the documents for a loan or invoice financing application?

Will all the information I provide be made public?

What are the details that will be presented to the investors in the Funding Request?

Is there a minimum amount of loan that I can request?

What are the types of repayment structure that are available?

How long can a loan tenor be?

What interest rate can I expect to pay?

What are the fees that are payable to Minterest?

How is contract signing done?

Can I make multiple Funding Requests?

What criteria do you use in approving a Funding Request?

When can I expect to receive financing proceeds once the Funding Request is successfully accepted?

What happens if the Funding Request is not fully subscribed?

How do I make a repayment on my loan?

Can I make a prepayment on my loan?

What happens if there is a late repayment?

What happens if my business is unable to pay back the loan?

What happens after I have made the last of my loan payments?

Is a personal guarantee required?

How can I refer a business contact to you?

What happens if my customer does not make payment on an invoice?

Minterest is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and holds a Capital Markets Services licence to deal with securities.

Investors’ monies are separately held by Vistra Trust (Singapore) Pte Limited, a MAS regulated trust company.